Circles of Wellness

What is Circles of Wellness? 

COW is a series of Therapeutic Educational Support groups designed to build community, provide support, information and resources to its members.  The COW Seminars infuse Restorative Practice theory and strategies to promote strong, healthy community connections that foster healing by creating a safe space for group members to share what is on their hearts and minds. Circles of wellness is a space created to ensure everyone feels accepted, respected, and heard which can alleviate feelings of isolation and sadness associated with depression. 

Always & Forever

Grief & Loss

Circles of Wellness


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Circle meets once a month


The Always and Forever Grief and Loss Circle of Wellness was created to support those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Grief can be triggered by someone’s death or it can be an ambiguous loss caused by separation (divorce, relationship breakup, and abandonment, imprisonment, missing-person/kidnapping, miscarriage, migration, addiction, or mental illness). Regardless of how the loss occurred, the grief associated with it can be painful and difficult to cope with. If your heart is heavy, no need to suffer in silence alone there is space for you in the circle of wellness.  For more information on this restorative healing circle please click the button below.

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The Art of Self-Care 

Circle of Wellness

Coming March 2022

Self-Care is the foundation to living a  happy,  healthy abundant life. In this self-care circle seminar, you will learn about the 7 pillars of wellness and explore the importance of Self-Preservation.

Parent Circles of Wellness


Children are a blessing; yet parenting comes with many unanticipated challenges that can leave parents/guardians feeling exhausted, depleted and ineffective. This parent wellness circles will provide a safe space for parents to share the challenges and triumphs of parenting; while creating a strong parent support network and gaining knowledge and skills needed to raise successful children and manage challenging behaviors.

Between Teens

Circle of Wellness 

The Sisterhood circle of wellness is designed to provide social emotional support to young women between the ages of 14-17 to assist them with developing a positive healthy identity, improve social relationships, manage emotions, and develop leader skills to enhance their self-esteem, decision making abilities and coping skills.

Life Unlimited

Circle of wellness for single women over 40 with no children


Life Unlimited Circle of Support is created for women over 40 who are single and without children who may be struggling facing life alone. You may have a desire to marry and create a family and may be challenged with accepting that you may not, or have made the decision that you do not want to be married with children. Yet, you struggle with feelings of loneliness, sadness/depression and fear of growing old alone. Well this space is just for you to explore what it means to be single without children and begin to craft a great vision for your future and exercise your complete freedom to create a magnificent life beyond her wildest dreams, despite how you feel.


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