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Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, CCTP, M.S.ED.

Tanya Sherise Odums, LCSW-R, CCTP, M.S.ED.


Tanya Sherise Odums is the CEO and Founder of KhepeRa Counseling & Consulting. She has over 25 years experience of working with and designing community based mental health/social programs for the  most vulnerable populations in NYC.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who specializes in the treatment of depression, she is often referred to as a Mental Health Mentor and Transformation Coach because  she is skilled in counseling and coaching people through their trauma responses that magnify depressive symptoms. As a clinician she has established  HYPE:  Helping Young People Excel, a Therapeutic Recreational Program for adolescents in residential treatment.  She has also founded a school based mental health clinic and developed Clinical Case management programs  across NYC.  Currently she is working on establishing a model of counseling that integrates restorative practices strategies and techniques into counseling practices. She is a Master Teacher who  has taught at the City University of New York, Touro College and New York University.  As a highly trained Restorative Practitioner  she has aided in the development and expansion of Restorative Practices in the NYC Public Schools and is currently co-chairing the Progressive Crisis Response Committee for the Office of School Culture and Climate.

As a Transformation Coach and Mental Health Mentor Tanya’s creative, no-nonsense approach to life helps people get organized and motivated to accomplish goals they set and avoid staying stuck in their emotions. Her favorite mantras are, “Don’t make excuses, make it happen” and "Despite how you feel, do it anyway".  She is a solution focused, Action Based Therapist that does not allow her clients to wallow in their problems too long but will support them in deeply exploring issues that impact them, working through their feelings to eventually figuring things out because she strongly believes that "if you can't face it you can't fix it". She is very empathic but not an enabler; she shoots from the hip with the aim of helping others become the best version of themselves through coaching and counseling clients and holding them accountable with love and compassion.  She is very a direct and honest counselor. A real problem solver; a fixer who thinks outside the box. A woman of integrity who has high standards and expectations for herself, her work and her clients.  She radiates the values of self-determination, self-awareness, perseverance, resiliency, integrity, accountability, creativity and action. Her words of wisdom motivate others to take responsibility for their lives and realize they are the creator and master of their universe.   With Tanya on your team you are destined to win!

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What People Are Saying...


Tanya, you are Innovation! An out of the box thinker. When it comes to group, how to conduct meetings, how to be in conversations, how to negotiate space with folds, you bring innovation, lightness/ fun, ways of doing and being that are not the norm. As a result of that the spaces you occupy are elevated.  The  connections are deepened also become closer because you are there.

- Shawnee Benton-Gibson, LMSW, FDC
Co-Founder & Co-Director of S.O.W. Leadership Development Institute

Tanya has exceptional counseling skills and techniques to assist individuals with various life challenges. Her program development ability to create innovative and client engaging programs  is amazing. She has great empathy for people. She is also very organized and has the ability to delineate the steps and focus on tasks to help her clients solve problems presented. 

-Deborah Brinkley, LMHC , CASAC

As colleague, client and friend I have had the opportunity to observe Tanya’s work on a personal and professional level.  Tanya has the ability to see a challenge/problem and break it down into manageable steps. She is very authentic, empathetic and fair. She has a way of helping people see things from different perspectives and helping them come up with solutions to address the issues she supports them in facing. When it comes to self care she knows how to set boundaries and has coached me on how to set my personal boundaries with others and put my self-care first. As a result I am much more confident in my ability to stand up for myself  and make my mental and emotional health a priority. 

-- Kirsten Melvey, CEO of Digital Solutions