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 Mission & Vision


KCC is committed to helping people thrive personally and professionally. KCC offers empowering professional development training & personal development workshops focusing on mental health and wellness, restorative practices and coaching support to individuals and organization seeking to enhance their quality of life and the services provided to their clientele. Through provision of these mental health services, clinical consultations, training and coaching KCC creates opportunities for self-cultivation, healing and transformation that impact the world.

What People Are Saying

Testimonies from Partners, Colleagues and Clients 

"When it comes to clinical practice and healing and the integration of what is known from before and what is on the pulse of the field we can count on KCC to bring that into the space to teach and to share to support everyone’s evolution".

-- Shawnee Renee Gibson, LCSW, 

CEO and Found or Spirit of Woman/Founder of the Be The Tree ROP program

" Services provided by KCC are high quality. Their professional development trainings are fun and engaging and packed with practical insightful information. The consultations and coaching I receive from KCC staff developers have improved service delivery. It has also assisted me in planning professional development for my own staff; ensuring that training material flows and is filled with relevant information. The consultants and practitioners are compassionate and highly skilled and I strongly recommend their services to others".

Gregory Davis, LMSW

Corporate Client


"Making the decision to get help for my was hard, cause I was scared. But the counselors made it easy to connect and I know this was the right decision.  I do not know where I would be without the help of my counselor.  The circles of wellness have been a critical part of improving how I function in the world" 


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